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In January we went to the ‘I Wish I’d Done That: Experiential Design’ event at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, organised by champions of the creative world, D&AD and Live Experience Creatives.

The idea for the talk came from the ever-increasing value experiential events have in the digital age, from festivals to pop-ups, and saw a stellar line-up of leading creatives share their insight into what makes the UK a world leader in experiential design, and how to achieve creative success.

Steve Lidbury, Global Creative Director at Imagination, kicked the evening off talking about Inside Rolls-Royce, an interactive exhibition held at the Saatchi Gallery that combined the latest technologies and design. When asked what event he wished he’d organised he went on to tell the crowd about the time he saw the incredible Fuerzabruta at the Roundhouse, and how it was like nothing he’d ever seen before. Fascinating stuff.

Up next was Melissa Noakes, Head of Experiential Marketing at Sony Mobile, offering her perspectives as a commissioning client. Who knew trade shows could be so exciting? She chose the outstanding work from Secret Cinema as the events she wished she’d been involved with, and we couldn’t agree more!

We’re pretty sure David Zolkwer should be a stand-up comedian as he had the crowd in stitches instantly, but it turns out he’s actually the successful Head of Ceremonies & Artistic Director behind Glasgow 2014. Discussing the motive behind their collaboration with UNICEF we gained an understanding of what made the Glasgow Games unique. In keeping with his sense of humour, David chose the infamous “Knights of the Coconut” scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail as an experience he wish he’d thought of – “We found them!”.

Last but not least was our favourite speaker of the evening, Deborah Armstrong, who is the Artist, Creative Director and Producer for Glastonbury’s mind-blowing Shangri-La. We heard how Shangri-La has evolved from Lost Vagueness to become what it is today and how she wished she’d been able to get her hands on 2003’s anti-war protest to inject a bit of that creative spirit. Now we wish we’d seen that…

Posted on February 18, 2015 in Campbell Brown News, Entertainement

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